Snow and Ice Melting

In the past heavy snowfall usually meant spending hours shoveling snow from your driveway and walkways.  Today, instead of salt and backbreaking shoveling of heavy snow, melting can be achieved by a gentler, less expensive method. Snow melting systems are available for the driveway, path or sidewalk, even individual steps. Never be bothered again by icy patches on slippery steps or walkways.

driveway melting systemChoose one of two snow melting products. Simply put, in one, tubes are embedded in concrete and a hot liquid is pumped through them, making the surface too warm for snow to stick. In the other, electric heating cables provide the same result.  Hydronic snow melting systems are very efficient and economical to run. A hydronic system is responsive to conditions and can be set to a certain baseline temperature, automatically raising the temperature to cope with snow and falling temperatures. Seasonal cost for snow melting on a 1000’ slab: $120 to $250, depending on conditions.

Electronic snow melting systems have electric heating cables that are embedded in concrete or in snow melting mats that can be used anywhere, especially the treads of slippery stairs. Seasonal cost to melt snow on a 1000’ slab: about $300 to about $700, depending on snowfall.

Both systems are far more economical than the human and environmental costs of city, county, and private snow removal services. Not to mention your aching back!